Agustus 09, 2010


YuuHuu! Hello, so sorry for rarely posting dude! I have so many stories for you.

Firstly, happy fasting month everybadeeh :) I'm so sorry for all my mistakes yeep! Hope this month will be a great fasting month. Why? Because I have a boyfriend in this year muihihi. Actually, I've been with him since last fasting month. But not as a couple for exactly.

Secondly, say hello to Java Rockin' Land!! Yippiee! JRL will be held on October. I must come to this event. MUST! I've checked JRL's site and they said The Kooks is one of the artist wish list. WHOAAA!!! Can't wait for it. JRL is my sweetest memory with him :') without JRL, I won't be his girlfriend hoahaha. This year should be more cool than previously.

And the last... hm.. I hate July for sure! And I hate the beginning of this August too. I had a lot of fights with Abang in end of July and the beginning of August. It was sucks! We almost broke up for many times but fortunately it didn't. Spend my day without him, GAH! It will be awkward.
Me &
You will be okay, rite? I believe that. I should change my behaviour and you should stop act like a jerk.

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