Agustus 09, 2010


YuuHuu! Hello, so sorry for rarely posting dude! I have so many stories for you.

Firstly, happy fasting month everybadeeh :) I'm so sorry for all my mistakes yeep! Hope this month will be a great fasting month. Why? Because I have a boyfriend in this year muihihi. Actually, I've been with him since last fasting month. But not as a couple for exactly.

Secondly, say hello to Java Rockin' Land!! Yippiee! JRL will be held on October. I must come to this event. MUST! I've checked JRL's site and they said The Kooks is one of the artist wish list. WHOAAA!!! Can't wait for it. JRL is my sweetest memory with him :') without JRL, I won't be his girlfriend hoahaha. This year should be more cool than previously.

And the last... hm.. I hate July for sure! And I hate the beginning of this August too. I had a lot of fights with Abang in end of July and the beginning of August. It was sucks! We almost broke up for many times but fortunately it didn't. Spend my day without him, GAH! It will be awkward.
Me &
You will be okay, rite? I believe that. I should change my behaviour and you should stop act like a jerk.

Juli 28, 2010


NFG? Do you have an idea why I wrote NFG on my tittle? Yep! Bingo! -..-
NFG means New Found Glory!!! Yee-haa! Akhir-akhir ini gue lagi dengerin lagu mereka mulu di iPod. Padahal tau nya udah dr lama bangeettttt! Pas abang gue SMA. Pas jaman-jaman nya glory of love hihi kalo lagi dengerin iPod ato dengerin lagu di hp pasti kebanyakan yg di playlist gue New Found Glory :D paling sama lagu nya sugarcult yg memory muahahaha lawas bener ye? Tapi asik loh. You guys should have their songs! You won't regret folks!
The greatest songs --> my friends over you, stay, the promise, lovefool, king of wishful things

you caught me cause you want me and one day you'll let me go. You try to give away a keeper, or keep me cause you know you're just so scared to lose. And you say, 'Stay'

Juli 16, 2010

being hardworker

Sekarang gue udah kelas 12! Sebentar lagi ngadepin UN dan kuliah!
Gue harus berubah. Gaboleh kaya murid kelas 11 lagi, gaboleh kebanyakan main&santai, gaboleh pacaran terus! Karena gue pengen masuk Universitas Indonesia. Cita-cita gue pengen pake jaket kuning. Masuk Universitas favorit sekarang susah banget. Berdasarkan pengalaman orang-orang terdekat gue, uang itu sangat penting untuk menentukan kuliah kita. Apalagi tiap tahun makin susah katanya. Dan tahun gue ini katanya makin sulit aja. Nyokap gue makin parno dan akhir nya gue dimasukin bimbel. Bimbel nya jauh bangeeett dr rumah gue. Sengaja, biar gue jauh dr temen2 gue biar gue ganti lingkungan dan bisa serius belajar. Gue ngambil bimbel di bta 45 tebet. Kata mas Bimo sih bagus hm we'll see!

Pas daftar dikasih selebaran gt disuruh ngisi tujuan kuliah nya dan gue isi :
1. Universitas Indonesia jurusan FISIP (perpajakan/viskal)
2. Universitas Padjajaran jurusan Hubungan Internasional
3. Universitas Indonesia jurusan Sastra Inggris

Muluk ya? Biarin! Ini malah jd motivasi gue utk maju, azzeeekk haha. Meskipun gue bukan dr sekolah favorit bahkan hanya segelintir orang yg tau letak sekolah gue dimana tapi mental gue gabakal ciut. Gue bakal ngebuktiin ke elo-elo yg sekolah nya bagus dan sepupu2 gue yg sekolah nya gaada yg jelek kalo gue bakal ngalahin lo di kuliah nanti ^__^

I have to be a hardworker in this year. No more mall, no more internet, no more games, no more boy! eh? Kayanya too much deh. Yg tadi boong deng haha gamungkin lah berpisah dr itu semua -_- yg penting membagi waktunya yega?

well, here I come Universitas Indonesia


And the first time we set eyes and decided to be with each other, would like the beginning of our hell and heaven
And every minute that we spend together, will be like a very bumpy roller coaster ride

Me & you. We've been together since 8 months ago. Many problems in our relationship and finally we could make it through. I never thought before that we'll be together for a long time. Many people asked me, "why you choose him to be your boyfriend? he always act like an idiot!" and I just can said, "wish there was a more logical explanation to fallin' in love with him. One day I just realize that I'm in love with him. Just as simple and as silly as that. Weird, huh?"
Btw, I made a srawberry puding for him in our monthsarry. Sweet, eh? :b

Happy 8th Monthsarry... cheers!

p.s : I had an inspiration of words from Novel Philopobia. Just read it guys!